The process of invalidity of marriage - where to start?

What to do first?
In the case of marital problems, canon law not only prohibits, but even suggests to spouses the use of funds available to them in order to overcome the crisis. They can use family clinics, mediation and psychological counseling. Spouses can always go to the parish priest in their parish asking him to talk about marriage or spiritual advice. If, however, these actions not only fail to resolve the crisis, but even indicate the possible invalidity of their relationship, it becomes the basis for their use of the church court and the church attorney.
Is divorce in canon law?
The term "church divorce" or "annulment of marriage" appears repeatedly in the media. A marital relationship in a church can not be for a limited time, but for the rest of one's life. The indissolubility of marriage is opposed to divorce, hence the Catholic Church does not allow divorce. Increasingly, people living in non-sacramental relationships want to regulate their situation on the basis of canon law. Unfortunately, news about the causes of the marriage's invalidity and the course of the whole process is being searched on the Internet, colored press, television, where the image of these processes is distorted.
It is believed that a consensual declaration of the spouses about the impossibility of cohabitation will speed up the time of receiving the judgment of the church court. Many people compare the process for annulment of a marriage with a divorce process. The difference between the two court proceedings extends from the nomenclature to causes and effects. Although the effect in both processes is similar - that is, the parties are free - the assumptions, course and subject of the dispute are completely different.
The basics of initiating the process
The basis for filing a marriage annulment may be the existence, at the time of entering into marriage, of a canonical bursting obstacle from which the dispensation was not given, the absence or defective consent of the marriage or failure to observe the canonical form of marriage. Mostly, in the Church courts in Poland, complaints about reasons of marital consent are examined. It is all kinds of personality pathologies, from deep immaturity to addictions. These are pathologies that distort the personality, that man is unable to create a normal family.
Although it is easier to acquire knowledge about the obligations of starting a family, it is still many people who are married illegally because they are unable to accept, and thus to realize significant marital obligations due to psychological reasons. The reasons for preventing these duties are stuck in numerous mental disorders. It is essential that these disorders not be confused with character defects that do not invalidate marriage. The clients approach the institution of marriage too lightly, they say the words of the marriage vows insincere. Misunderstood notion of freedom means that marriage is treated as an obstacle to self-realization, and the possession of offspring is postponed. Catholic marriage is more than a relationship based on personal qualities, interests or preferences, it is a natural community that is characterized by unity and indissolubility, it is one of the seven sacraments of saints.
dr Justyna Krzywkowska