Persons acting in ecclesiastical courts are frequently unaware of their rights, do not have sufficient knowledge of regulations regarding important life issues, complicated family matters embedded in canon administrative and court proceedings.  

Undoubtedly, comprehensive legal advice is a competent and effective legal aid for litigant parties. An expertise in canon law resulting from a comprehensive knowledge and exceptionally long-standing experience of PhD Justyna Krzywkowska allows us to satisfy specific needs of the faithful.



The scope of our services:

  • providing information about submitting a given case to ecclesiastical tribunal for its consideration,
  • attempts to reconcile parties,
  • explaining the meaning and nature of the church process,
  • explaining procedures a client will encounter in the ecclesiastical court, 
  • explaining the role of members of  the collegial court,
  • explaining technical terms (e.g. requisition, publication of the acts, voting) which are automatically used by court employees, and thus utterly incomprehensible to parties,
  • assistance with regard to preparing a plaintiff’s complaint,
  • assistance in presenting suitable arguments,
  • assistance in suitable selection of evidence,
  • assistance in preparing court letters in the course of the entire lawsuit
  • emphasising when tribunal’s actions become unacceptable, and consequently pointing party’s rights and claims.