Our Legal Office offers a comprehensive service related to widely understood agricultural law. We provide assistance with regard to the following:

1. Entry into Business Activity Register by agricultural producers

2. Principles and forms of obtaining financial aid from Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture, including as follows:

  • interest subsidies, as well as guarantees and subsidised loan repayment (investment and crop failure);
  • guarantee of student loan repayment;
  • funding costs borne by agricultural producers for the purposes of utilization of fallen stock;
  • funding costs borne for preparation of an application for registration of names and geographical signs of original agricultural products;

3. Principles and forms of obtaining EU aid:

  • direct subsidies;
  • Rural Development Programme for the years 2007-2013;
  • Operational Programme of Sustainable Development of Fisheries Sector and Coastal Fishing Areas 2007-2013;
  • financial aid under common organisation of fruits and vegetables market;
  • financial aid under common organisation of fish market.

4. Legal representation with relation to public administration bodies dealing with the aforementioned issues and seeking means of challenge regarding decisions.