Kazimiera Poprawska

Patent agent

She specialises in the following fields: domestic and foreign patent protection of inventions, utility models, industrial models and trademarks, representation with relation to Polish Patent Office, Courts and other state bodies making claims for violation of exclusive rights and copyrights studies: priori art, patent clearance, patentability, registrability preparation of licence agreements, know-how, implementation agreements, concerning computer programmes and acquisition of such... read more

Aleksandra Sobieraj-Błotniak

Psychologist, psychotherapist

She has been committed to psychological aid for 7 years. At work she links methods of various trends of psychotherapy, depending on clients’ needs. She has a considerable experiences both in individual and group psychotherapy In the law firm she helps offence victims to return to normal live, and in the course of family law proceedings (divorces, legal separations, contacts with children), she supports and helps to overcome the most difficult moments. She cooperate with Grupa Olsztyńska Szkoła Biznesu, UWM and NKJO in... read more

Marek Walacik

PhD Eng. Certified property valuer

PhD Eng. Marek Walacik is an active certified property valuer and a scientific and didactic worker of the Faculty of Surveying and Spatial Development of the UWM. He is a graduate of the field of Spatial Development, specialty: Real Estate Management and Consultancy (engineering studies and MSc studies) at the UWM in Olsztyn. In 2012 he was granted a degree of a doctor of technical studies – his doctoral dissertation was entitled „Opracowanie zasad ustalania wysokości słusznego odszkodowania za nieruchomości przejęte na... read more