Public procurements

The department of public procurements is managed by the legal advisor - Beata Urbańska. She has a long-term experience in rendering legal advice to both Ordering Parties and Contractors with regard to a public contract award procedure, or its particular stages, especially when submitting means of challenge.

The development of public procurement market in Poland resulted in an increase in demand for professional advisory services in this respect. Our company deals with comprehensive and partial company service and units which are interested in proceedings related to procurements. We are always professional and prepared when carrying out proceedings regarding public contract award for both Ordering Parties and Contractors.  

Our advisory services for Ordering Parties are mainly concerned with the following:

  • preparing procedures of public contract award adjusted to our clients’ needs;
  • preparing regulations and necessary templates of letters and forms, Specification of Essential Procurement Conditions;
  • auditing procedures of public contract award applying to a client;
  • providing aid when preparing public procurement’s plans and list of procurements which occur periodically;
  • preparing documents necessary to initiate proceedings (including assistance when selecting a suitable course of action, when specifying participation in proceedings terms, criteria of price assessment, in terms of preparing important agreement’s provisions, verification of the procurement subject in terms of conformity with act’s regulations, verification of announcement’s content, etc.);
  • assistance in preparing letters to the president of the Public Procurement Office;
  • preparing answers to protests and appeals, including professional representation in appealing proceedings and court proceedings;
  • assistance in verifying filed applications for allowing to participate in proceedings and/or presented offers, support during negotiations;
  • current consultancy concerning problems arising when conducting proceedings, including preparing opinions related to it;
  • providing pieces of advice regarding current issues.    

Consultancy we offer to Contractors encompasses inter alia the following:

  • preparing enquiries for contents/applications for change of contact of Specification of Essential Procurement Conditions;
  • assistance when preparing offers related to public procurement;
  • representing a Contractor;
  • preparing protests, appeals, complaints to the court;
  • consultancy regarding current issues.

The aforesaid services will solve the problem related to the Public Procurement Act and help to conduct the process regarding procurements professionally.