Family law

Family law is a branch of law which considers the most private spheres of our lives. The family department was designed to provide our clients with the most convenient solution for delicate issues. The department is managed by the advocate PhD Bogna Przybyszewska-Szter who specialises in family and care matters.

The department deals with inter alia divorces and legal separations. We provide an insight into proceedings, reasons, potential effects, as well as we act on behalf of our clients in courts. With our clients’ mental comfort in mind, we provide services of a psychologist who supports clients in difficult times. 

When parties have offspring, the most essential task is to provide children with a proper mental development. Therefore we take responsibility for parenthood-related issues of both fathers and mothers.

In order to provide proper parental care by one of the parents, financial means are of paramount importance. Polish legislation obliges both parents to bear costs related to it, thus it is fundamental to apply for alimony. However, it is not a common knowledge that alimony provision can also apply to spouses or relatives, which is actually a rare phenomenon, but we still provide a professional legal advice. 

We also provide help to persons who are willing to benefit from adoption institutes which aim to provide orphans or other children devoid of a natural family with care and suitable upbringing. We assist in completing all formalities related to a complex adoption procedure at each stage. 

Currently, an increasing number of young couples decide to, which shall be considered reasonable, establish a division of marital property and we also aid them in that respect. However, in the case of divorce ruling, property is subject to just division. At this stage we advise our clients and act on their behalf in courts with regard to the division of joint property.

In order to satisfy our clients’ needs, the department offers assistance and legal representation in the following cases: divorce and legal separation, alimonies, adoption, establishing paternity and denying paternity, setting contacts with children, limiting and deprivation of parental rights, declaring legally incapacitated, invalidating marriages, division of joint property.